Corporate Ethics is a vital concept in the identity of Ricamificio Paolo Italy that, today as before, spreads its values, principles and commitments to its staff, as well as to its external partners and members of the entire sector, with the purpose of total respect of every individual, their job and the environment.

Concerning this, during the year 2018, Ricamificio Paolo Italy has become accredited supplier of Chlo√©, French brand of the fashion industry owned by the luxury group Richemont, for the sustainability of its processes and the conformity of its production sites with the standards of the Switzerland-based Holding. Furthermore, it was nominated as official supplier of Burberry, for active role in following the objectives of “Project 2020“, concerning the control and elimination of toxic chemicals which negative affect the environment and the Human health.

The environmental compatibility and the absence of toxic substances, both in the production process and in the products made by Ricamificio Paolo Italy, have been confirmed for years by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate, which is renewed every year following some rigid control procedures.

Oeko-Tex certificate 2019.pdf